The PC*MILER Web map window is interactive and customizable. Map controls are in the upper, right-hand corner of the map.

Choose a map style

Click the globe icon to select one of 10 map styles.

Content layers

Click the layers icon to display or hide map content such as Traffic Congestion or Truck Restrictions.  

Route modifiers

Route modifiers are roads you want PC*MILER to avoid, favor, or close when it generates a route. Modifiers are created in the ContentTools web tool. 

Click the route modifiers icon on the map to display your available sets of modifiers. Use the slider bar to toggle whether or not those modifiers are displayed on the map and used when PC*MILER generates a route.

Modifiers are displayed on the map as color-coded dashed bars on the roads they impact: red (avoid); blue (favor); black (closure).

Location and zoom level

The bottom of the map displays the GPS coordinates where your cursor is on the map as well as the map zoom level from 1 (full earth view) to 22 (street level). Certain map features are only visible when zoomed in or zoomed out to certain levels on the map.