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There are two ways to select stop locations to create a route:

  1. Enter locations in the route entry card. 
  2. Pick locations on the map. 

The Routes panel

To open the Routes panel, select Routing in the left-side menu.


Route entry card features

In the Routes panel, you enter information about your route in a route entry card. You can have multiple route cards open at the same time.

  1. Open a new route entry card.
  2. Open a previously saved route.
  3. The route number or name if the route has previously been named and saved.
  4. Frame the route on the map or toggle on or off the display of the route line on the map.
  5. Select a Routing Type for this specific route. 
  6. Set an arrival or departure time for the route.
  7. Select whether to import stops from a .csv file or add stop time for a stop to improve ETA calculations.
  8. Select Route Options for this specific route.
  9. Select a Vehicle Routing Profile. (An abbreviated list of settings related to the selected profile is displayed above it. Hover your cursor over the abbreviated list to view the full list.)
  10. Add stops to create the route.
  11. Select a PC*MILER version for mileage calculations. This feature is only recommended for generating mileage for freight rating and billing based on contracts that require older versions of PC*MILER. Otherwise, routing should always the default Current setting, which generates routes based the most up-to-date map data.

Add stops in the Route card

First, select a Vehicle Routing Profile from the drop-down (No. 9 in the graphic above) or select Route Options. This helps ensure PC*MILER generates a route that safe and legal for your vehicles.

Select the Add Stop text box to enter a location. As you type the name of a stop, you will see a pick list of possible matching locations. Click on the best match to add that stop to your route. Repeat these steps to select additional stops on the route.

Delete stops in the Route card

To delete a stop from the route, select the More Actions menu (vertical ellipsis), and select Delete. The stop is deleted and the remaining stops on the route move up in the trip order.

The map window

You can also add a stop directly from in the map window. 

  • Click on a location. An info box about that location will pop up. 
  • Select Add Stop. This adds the stop to the route card.
  • You can also click on the Star icon to save the location for future route planning.

Calculate a route

Once you add at least two stops (an origin and a destination) in the route card, PC*MILER Web automatically generates a route and draws it on the map. The color of the map route line matches the color in the route card.

The route is updated each time you insert an additional stop. You can click and drag stops to re-arrange the order.

Once the route is calculated, you can edit, save or delete the route, or learn more about it.

  1. Add Stop Time at each stop. This time will be included in route calculations and reports. Click Stop Options > Stop Time, and then enter the time you or your driver will spend at each stop.  Example formats for a stop that will last for 2 hours 30 minutes: hh:mm – 02:30 (hours:minutes); hh.hh – 2.5 (hours using decimals); or mm – 150 (minutes)
  2. View reports about the route.
  3. Optimize the route.
  4. Save the route.
  5. Duplicate the route.
  6. Delete the route.