Stop locations can be entered in the Route window as a city name and state, postal code, latitude-longitude*, SPLC*, or address* with city name and state or postal code. (*Premium only)

In the Route Window

Click on the  tab to search for a location or the  tab to pull up a location you have previously saved. (See below for ways to save a location.)

NOTE: In Application Settings, you can choose whether to enter stops in a Single Search Field* or Separate Search Fields. (*Premium only)

As you type the name of a stop, you will see a pick list of possible matching locations. Click on the best match to add that stop to your route. 

In the Map Window

You can also add a stop directly from in the Map window. 

  • Click on a location. An info box about that location will pop up. 
  • Click on Add Stop.
  • You can also click on Save to save the location for future route planning.

Calculating a Route

Once you add at least two stops (an origin and a destination) in the Routes window, PC*MILER Web will automatically generate a route.

The route will be updated each time you insert an additional stop.

In the Routes window, you can also:

  • Click and drag stops to re-arrange the order.
  • Click the three dots to delete, save or view a stop on the map. 
  • Save a route .
  • Optimize a route .
  • Duplicate a route.
  • View route Reports
  • Add Stop Time at each stop. This time will be included in route calculations and reports. Click Stop Options > Stop Time, and then enter the time you or your driver will spend at each stop.  Example formats for a stop that will last for 2 hours 30 minutes:
    hh:mm – 02:30 (hours:minutes)
    hh.hh – 2.5 (hours using decimals)
    mm – 150 (minutes)