Application Settings are global settings that are applied to all routes. To edit them, click Application Settings on the toolbar.

Settings include:


Single Search Field – (Premium only) In the route window, all location information is entered in a single field; e.g. “100 olden avenue, trenton, nj”. Locations can be a city/state, postal code, latitude-longitude, SPLC, or address with city name or postal code.

Separate Search Fields  In the route window, there are separate fields for entering a city/state or postal code, street address, latitude-longitude, or SPLC. (Address, lat-long and SPLC entry are Premium only)

Reset to System Defaults – Click to revert to system default values for all settings (Route Options and Application Settings).

Include places (businesses, attractions, etc)  – Check this box to include Places (restaurants, fuel stops, and more) in your search. 

Route Costs

These values allow you to customize the inputs used to generate costs in the State/Country Distance report. The individual field labels describe what value is expected. In the case of Greenhouse Gases, enter the pounds per gallon (or liter) emissions as CO2 equivalent. 

NOTE: Reports are available by clicking the Reports button in the Routes window after generating a route.

Tolls (Premium Only)

Show Toll Costs – Checking this box will add a "Tolls" column to the route window and route reports to display the toll costs on the calculated route.

Use Toll Discount Programs – Selecting this option will adjust the toll rates using a number of discounted toll programs (listed below) where available.

Discount ProgramValid InDiscount ProgramValid In
407 ETR TransponderON CanadaGO-PASSCO
A25 TransponderQC CanadaI-PassIL
A30 EXPRESS TransponderQC CanadaK-TagKS
BreezeByORLaredo Trade TagTX
Downbeach Express PassNJLeeWayFL
E-Pass CanadaNS CanadaNC Quick PassNC
ExpressPassNY, ON CanadaNEXPRESS TOLLMI, ON Canada
ExpressTollCOPalmetto Pass (PAL PASS)SC
EZ TagTXPeach PassGA
E-ZPassDE, IL, IN, ME, MD, MA, NH, NJ, NY, NC, OH, PA, RI, VA, WVPikePassOK
E-ZPass-NJNJRiverLinkIN, KY
FasTrakCATollTagLA, TX
Good To GoWA 

Currency & Units

Exchange Rate – Choose which currency to use for route and toll cost reporting. The USD/CAD exchange rate can be edited.

Length, Distance and Weight Units – Select the distance and dimensional units used for mileage displays and reports.

Fuel In – Select the volume units used in reports.