After generating a route, click Reports in the route window to view the four reports generated for every route. In order to view all four reports, you must be a Premium subscriber and have Reporting PreferencesReport Data Version set to Current in either:

  • Route Options for that particular route.
  • Default Options, which are applied to all routes.

Reports include:

Detailed Report

Includes direction of travel, roads, interchanges, times and distances, stops, and toll costs. (Premium only and Show Toll Costs must be checked in Application Settings)

Driving Directions

Provides easy-to-read detailed driving instructions with turn-by-turn directions and distance between turns, as well as driving times. (Premium only)

State/Country Distances

Generates a table that summarizes mileage by state, province, or country traveled. It lists leg and total miles, cost, and time estimates in columns from left to right. 

Road Type Distances

Provides a distance breakdown by PC*MILER road classification for the active trip. 

Printing Reports

Use the buttons at the top of the Reports window to format reports for printing.