The Duplicate Route button instantly copies all of the stop locations and settings from an existing route into a new Route window.

This feature is helpful if you want to:

  • Change the vehicle routing profile to generate a different route for the same group of stop locations and then compare the results. For example, changing the Route Type from Practical to Shortest may generate a different route as may changing Toll Roads from Use to AvoidIfPossible

  • Add or delete individual stops within a route without re-entering all of the stops again. 

  • Compare multiple routes with different stop locations or settings to find the best route or to see how different settings affect the route PC*MILER generates. 

The same route can be duplicated multiple times, and duplicate routes can also be copied again. The only limit is you may only have eight routes open in the Route window at a time. 

Duplicate a Route

  1. In the Route window, enter a route as you normally would.
  2. At the bottom of the window, select the Duplicate Route button.
  3. A new route will open. It will have the same details at the previous route, but with the word Copy appended to the route name, and a unique color to help you visualize it on the map.

Change and Compare Routes

Once a route has been copied, you can change any stops or settings without impacting the original route. For example, you can:

  • Delete a stop by selecting the three dots next to the stop's name and then selecting the trash can icon.
  • Add a stop by entering it into the Add Stop text box. You can click and drag stops to change the order.
  • Change the Vehicle Routing Profile by selecting a new profile from the drop-down in the route card. 

Duplicate routes will automatically be recalculated after you change any stops or settings. The route’s Tolls, Miles and Time will be updated in the Route card and in reports. Each route will also be drawn on the map in the color show in the Route window.

 Three routes between Princeton, NJ and Richmond, VA