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PC*MILER Web gives you the ability to route to: 

Custom Places can help you quickly generate routes to any location you would like—from frequently visited business locations to rest and fuel stops for drivers. 

In ContentTools, you can also create Sites around your Custom Places. A site extends a Place to include a boundary polygon around its perimeter, entry and exit gates, and other valuable information drivers need to avoid getting lost, feeling stressed or wasting time. 

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Routing to Custom Places

Routing to a Site

Routing to Custom Places

Custom Places must first be created in ContentTools, which can be accessed through the Web Tools menu in PC*MILER Web. Once you create a Place, it is immediately available for use in route planning. Verified Places are commercial locations that are already loaded into PC*MILER Web. 

There are multiple ways to route to a Place:

In the Route window

1. Click on the Places pin icon.

2. In the Places panel, click on a Place Set name to open your Custom Places. Check the box next to the name of the Place or Places you want to add to your route, and click Add Places.

Tip: Use the Filter to search through long lists of Custom Places. 

3. Alternatively, if you know the name of your Custom Place, you can type it directly into the Route window. Click on the Place's address when it appears in the pick list of possible matches. 

4. Verified Places in the Trimble MAPS database will also come up in a search. Click on the Place to add it as a stop on a route.

On the Map

To select Custom Places on the map, first be sure Custom Places is checked in the Map Layers button in the PC*MILER Web toolbar.

1. Find your Custom Place icon on the map and click on it.

2. In the info box that opens, click Add Stop to add that Place to your route.  

Place ID Search

When you create a Custom Place in ContentTools, you can give that Place a unique Place ID. That Place ID can be anything you would like—although it's often matched to a unique identifier within your company's Transportation Management System (TMS) or dispatch software.

You can enter that Place ID in the Route window, similar to how you would enter a Custom Place name. 

Routing to a Site

Routing to a Site can provide more precise mileage and directions for a driver, sending him or her to specific entrances or exits. 

To route to a Site

1. The Site must first be created around a Custom Place in ContentTools, which can be accessed through the Web Tools menu in PC*MILER Web. Once you create a Site, it is immediately available for use in routing. Most predefined Places already include Sites. 

2. Site routing must be set to Enabled in the Routing Preferences of the Default Options or the Route Options for the current route. 

TIP: To see a Site on the map, be sure that Places and Custom Places are checked under Map Layers in the top toolbar.

3. With Site routing set to Enabled—it is Disabled by default—you can follow the instructions above to route to a Custom Place with a Site. (A Site cannot exist on its own, it must be part of a Custom Place.) To tell whether a Place has a Site, look for the blue square next to the Place's name.