When PC*MILER Web is updated with new features and enhancements, these updates are immediately available to users. However, some features may only be available at the Premium solution level. Below is a summary of updates.


Release Date: June 2019

Our annual version release incorporates the latest North America map data as well as routing, location and mapping enhancements that have been made throughout the year. Highlights for PC*MILER 33 include:

Better ETA calculations using additional data. ETA calculations have been improved by taking into account factors such as truck speed limits by jurisdiction, red lights and other delays at intersections, and average speeds on lower class local roads.

Better routing for deliveries on local roads. PC*MILER’s routing algorithm has been improved to generate better routes for deliveries on roads specified as “No Thru Traffic” or “Delivery Only,” which are usually classed as local roads. 

Improved turn logic for smaller vehicles. PC*MILER routing now better reflects the reality that light duty vehicles (i.e. commercial truck classes 1, 2, and 3) are more capable than heavy-duty trucks, and sometimes medium-duty trucks, of negotiating sharp turns. It is now more likely for routes to be generated for smaller-sized vehicles via turns it might have avoided in past versions—resulting in more practical routes. 

Updated commercial vehicle specific data, including:

  • Improving street-level maps, including weight limits, vertical clearances and truck through-travel restrictions.

  • Adding newly constructed roads and exit interchanges.

  • Improving city and ZIP/Postal Code placement and alignment.

  • Improving geocoding to better match an address to its actual “ground truth” latitude/longitude point

  • Improving geocoding to better match road name abbreviations (for example, "BVD" or "BLVD" with "Boulevard"), better handle spacing in addresses, and improve house number and postal code matching.

  • Enhancing reverse geocoding to return the city name in the language provided.

  • Implementing customer-recommended map improvements submitted via MapSure, our easy-to-use, online map reporting tool—directly into map data.

The Sites feature, which defines a boundary around a Place so you can route vehicles to entrances and exits, generate more accurate directions, and provide better time and distance estimates, has been enhanced.

  • If you enter a stop as an address, and that address falls within a defined Site, the Site information will be used in routing and the Site will be shown on the map.
  • Routing into and out of Site gates has been improved to account for the Gate Path. Gate Path is a setting in Content Tools—the web tool where you can create Sites to be shared with your licensed Trimble MAPS products—that specifies which roads you want drivers to take to approach or to depart a Site.
  • Additional pre-defined Sites have been added to Content Tools for a total of about 9,400 distribution centers, intermodal terminals, manufacturing plants, and truck stops.

Release Date: May 2019

New Features

(Premium Only) A new Chat With Support feature allows you to initiate a live chat with members of the PC*MILER Technical Support team between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. (U.S. Eastern Time) on weekdays, excluding U.S. holidays. 

The Help button now opens the PC*MILER Web Support Center. In the Support Center, you can search for articles about how to use PC*MILER Web or contact our Technical Support team by clicking the Submit Ticket button at the top of the screen.