What is a “Place”?

A Place is a collection of data about a location—ranging from mapping location information, such as its name, address and GPS coordinates, to details about its amenities, truck entrances and exits, parking, hours of operation, and more.

Trimble MAPS maintains an ever-growing Places database that includes millions of commercial locations across North America that serve the transportation industry. These Places include everything from distribution centers and manufacturing facilities to truck stops and Walmart overnight parking locations.

What’s the difference between a Place and a Point of Interest (POI)?

Points of Interest (POIs) have traditionally been used to identify a single spot on the map that might be of interest to a driver such as a restaurant, a truck stop or a fuel station. Places take location information to a whole new level by including a wide range of additional details that drivers need to provide exceptional customer service. 

What can I do with Places?

Places greatly enhance route planning and last-mile navigation because they include specific entrance and exit gates for commercial vehicles, as well as a mapping polygon around the perimeter of the location. If you are using Places in your TMS or accounting software, they can quickly and accurately provide essential details about a location, including its address, contact information and operating hours.

Because each Place in the Trimble MAPS database is stored with a unique identifier, you can be assured you are receiving the same, accurate information about a location each time you request it. 

Which Trimble MAPS products use Places?

Places can be used in Trimble MAPS applications to visualize a location on the map, to plan a route or to navigate with CoPilot. You must have an internet connection to synchronize certain Places data, including gates and the mapping polygon that surrounds a Place.

All Places can be searched for and viewed in our Content Tools web tool. They can also be used with the following applications, as long as you are using the North America Q1 2020 or more recent data set:

  • PC*MILER 32 and Higher (Desktop and PC*MILER Connect integration with a license for street-level routing)
  • PC*MILER Web (Premium Only)
  • PC*MILER Web Services and Maps (Premium Only)
  • CoPilot 10.9 and Higher
  • MileOn

Do I have to use a Trimble MAPS application to access Places?

No. With our new Places API, you can call Places information from any application capable of calling a RESTful web service. The Places API requires a subscription to our Premium Web Services.

What does it cost to use Places?

If you are a direct Trimble MAPS customer using one of the products listed above, Places data access is provided at no additional cost. If you are using our Web Services via a third-party application, please contact your provider for more details. If you are unsure if you have access to Places data, please speak with your Trimble MAPS sales representative. 

What if I have my own location information?

Our Places API allows you to add a “customPlaceId” to match your existing ID for the location as well as notes for the driver about the Place, and contact information and operating hours for the Place. This information is stored and returned with the Trimble MAPS data, but only accessible to your company. Visit the Trimble MAPS Developer Portal for more details about the Places API as well as technical documentation for how to use it.

Where do you get your Places data?

Places data is gathered, checked and inputted by our team of mapping experts. That is why, in our Content Tools, you will see the term Verified next to the name of a location when you pull it up in search.