When drawing Site boundaries, use a satellite map style and look for fences or tree lines, or use the parcel boundaries. By following parcel lines, you create Sites that have a buffer between parking areas and the Site boundary. That buffer is important because a Site can be used as a geofence to determine when a vehicle enters or leaves the property. A vehicle parked too close to the boundary might register as crossing the geofence. 


Other important things to remember when drawing a Site:

  • Polygons cannot overlap if you have multiple Sites near each other.
  • Polygons should not overlap road links not included in that facility. (These are usually public roads.)
  • Some large Sites may have property that spans across streets that are navigable by the public. In such cases, you would need to:
    • Create a separate custom Place for each section of the property.
    • Draw separate Site polygons around each custom Place, without overlapping the public road.

Example 1

In this school Site, the polygon was drawn out to the property line, rather than up against the parking lots.

Example 2

In this example, two school sites were drawn with a gap in between them to avoid overlap. Each Site is associated with its own custom Place.