A modern, redesigned version of PC*MILER Web offers a new look and updated features that allow you to plan and visualize the best possible routes for your vehicles. 

Since September 2023, premium subscribers have had the option to use either the redesigned PC*MILER Web or the legacy version. Based on user feedback, the redesigned site has undergone multiple updates since its initial release. The legacy site will eventually be shut down and only the redesigned site will be available.

With the launch of the redesigned PC*MILER, we are also eliminating the standard subscription option over the next few months. From Jan. 18 to April 17, 2024, standard subscribers will have access to a trial of the premium redesigned PC*MILER Web at your current standard rate. After April 17, you will automatically begin being billed at the premium rate of $84.99 per user, per month, unless you decide to cancel your subscription.

Watch a demo of the new PC*MILER Web.

What is in the new version?

Better maps

The new version uses the latest mapping technology for commercial vehicles from Trimble Maps. It provides crisper map images that load faster and zoom and pan more smoothly. In addition:

  • New map styles are available, including Accessible Light and Accessible Dark styles for people with visual disabilities.
  • New content layers can be displayed on the map, including Truck Restrictions, 3D Buildings, Points of Interest, and your company's own custom Places.
  • Maps can be opened to a full screen view, and printed directly from a web browser.

            (A map image showing 3D buildings in Midtown Manhattan.)

More routing options

In addition to improved mapping, the new PC*MILER web includes more options you can use to customize routes based on the type of vehicle. These changes include:

  • Preset Vehicle Routing Profiles. Rather than selecting individual route options for each route, you can now select a vehicle routing profile. Preset profiles included all of the recommended settings to generate safe, efficient and legal routes based on the vehicle type. Those same preset profiles are used throughout the Trimble Maps suite of products—including CoPilot GPS navigation—to better ensure consistent routing in-cab and in the back office. 
  • Custom Vehicle Routing Profiles. You can also edit a preset profile to create your own profile based on your fleet's needs.
  • PC*MILER versions in the route card. You can now select directly in the route card which version of PC*MILER you would like to use when generating mileage. 

Improved location searches 

The new PC*MILER Web includes a range of settings you can use to help improve search results by filtering based on things such as:

  • A radius around the current center point in the map view.
  • Certain types of places such as truck services, weigh Stations, and Walmart overnight parking locations.
  • Specific states, counties, ZIP codes and more.

Other improvements

  • Distance precision for mileage results can be set to the thousandths place.
  • The styling of reports has been updated.

Switching from legacy PC*MILER Web

The existing, legacy version of PC*MILER will remain available as users adopt the modern version. 

For most users, the transition to the modern version requires few or no changes:

  • Application settings such as Route Costs and Currency & Units are automatically ported over to the modern version of PC*MILER Web.
  • Similarly, custom places and route modifiers associated with your account are automatically available in the modern version.
  • Routes saved in legacy PC*MILER Web are also available in the modern version. The route options associated with those routes can be converted into vehicle routing profiles.

During your transition, you can switch back and forth between the legacy and modern versions to ensure the modern version is generating the results you have come to expect from PC*MILER Web.

Please contact us with any questions.

Frequently asked questions

Is there a cost to switch to modern PC*MILER Web?

There is no additional cost for premium subscribers. After a 90-day trial (Jan. 18 to April 17, 2024) at the standard rate, standard customers will automatically be billed at the premium rate of $84.99 per user, per month, unless you decide to cancel your subscription

What is a Vehicle Routing Profile?

A Vehicle Routing Profile is a collection of vehicle dimensions and other routing options that ensure the routing algorithm knows the type of vehicle being driven so it can generate a safe, efficient, and legal route. Profiles include all of the settings available in Route Options in the legacy version of PC*MILER. In addition:

  • A profile can be selected directly in the route card, each time you run a route.
  • You can create and save multiple profiles, with different settings, which is helpful if you are regularly routing different types of vehicles in your fleet.
  • The preset profiles in PC*MILER Web are standard throughout the Trimble Maps suite of products. Using profiles helps you produce more consistent routing results across Trimble Maps products, including CoPilot GPS in-cab navigation.

What happens to the routes I saved in legacy PC*MILER Web?

Your saved routes are automatically available in the modern version of PC*MILER. The only difference is the route options associated with those routes (settings such as the route type, road preferences, etc.) will need to be converted into a vehicle routing profile. PC*MILER Web walks you through this conversion the first time you open a previously saved route in the modern version.