PC*MILER 35 Version Release

With each new version, PC*MILER's routing algorithm and map data are enhanced to generate the best routes and the most accurate travel times and distances for your vehicles. This year's improvements include:

  • Road speeds. Default road speeds have been improved to provide better estimated travel times.
  • Routing on major roads. The routing algorithm has been improved to avoid generating routes that leave a major road only to later return to it.
  • Turns on multi-road intersections. The routing algorithm can also better handle turns at complex intersections of multiple roads.
  • Routing to Sites. When Sites routing is turned on, the Site information is better incorporated into the route.
  • Metric precision.  For improved accuracy, raw road data is now stored in metric units in countries that use the metric system. This avoids the need for conversions from imperial units. 
  • Side of Street Adherence. The side of street logic was updated so that it can be set for an entire trip or individually for each stop in a trip.
  • Speed Limits. Improved the logic used to determine the correct speed limit for a section of a road. 
  • Updated toll data. Toll data was updated in the following U.S. states and Canadian provinces: California, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Northwest Territories, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Quebec, Rhode Island, Texas, Vermont, Virginia
  • Improved street-level map data, including weight limits, vertical clearances and truck through-travel restrictions.
  • Newly constructed roads and exit interchanges.
  • New Trimble MAPS Verified Places with Sites

Using PC*MILER 35

If you are a Standard subscriber, PC*MILER 35 map data and routing software are used for all calculations.

If you are a Premium subscriber, PC*MILER Web defaults to Current data. Current always has the most up-to-date road maps and routing software, making it ideal for route planning. If you are using PC*MILER to calculate distances for rating, you can select any version—from PC*MILER 18 to PC*MILER 35—in the Reporting Preferences tab of the Route Options.