PC*MILER Web provides industry standard, truck-specific routing, mileage and mapping for Light, Medium and Heavy Duty vehicles in regions around the world.

When you log in to PC*MILER Web, the Routing screen opens with a view of the map. You can toggle to the other three PC*MILER screens via the left-side menu. 

  1. The Routing screen is where you enter stops to create your routes and select individual route settings, including Vehicle Routing Profiles.
  2. Application Settings are global settings applied to all routes. You can leave the default values or customize settings to narrow your location searches, and set route costs for your fleet.
  3. The Account Settings screen is where you add, remove or edit the people in your company who can access PC*MILER.
  4. The Routing Profiles screen is where you create custom Vehicle Routing Profiles. A Vehicle Routing Profile is a collection of vehicle dimensions and other routing options that ensure the routing algorithm knows the type of vehicle being driven so it can generate a safe, efficient, and legal route. You can use the default profiles included with PC*MILER or create a custom profile.