When PC*MILER Web is updated with new features and enhancements, these updates are immediately available to users. However, some features may only be available at the Premium solution level. Below is a summary of updates.


Recent releases:

October 2018

August 2018

Release Date: October 2018

New Features

(Premium only) Routing to Custom Places and Sites: You can now route to Custom Places and Sites created in Content Tools as well as predefined ALK Sites, which include over 6,000 intermodal terminals, truck stops and distribution centers. Sites are Places with boundaries drawn around the perimeter so that drivers can be routed to the correct entrances and exits for efficient deliveries, down to the last mile. 

(Premium only) Map Layers button: A new button the in toolbar allows you to customize the information you would like to have displayed on the map. Map Layers combines the features in the Show Traffic and Weather buttons and adds the ability to view your Custom Places and predefined ALK Places on the map. 

Release Date: August 2018

New Features

A new Duplicate Route button instantly copies all of the stop locations and settings from an existing route into a new Route window. 



This feature is helpful if you want to:

  • Change settings such as Route Options or Arrival/Departure to generate a different route for the same group of stop locations and then compare the results. For example, changing the Route Type from Practical to Shortest may generate a different route as may changing Toll Roads* from Allowed to Discouraged. (Tolls available for Premium only)

  • Add or delete stop locations without changing an existing route. 

  • Compare multiple routes with different stops or settings to find the best one or to see the effect different settings have on the route. 



The My Account page has been updated so that PC*MILER Web users who are paying quarterly or annually will now be directed to PC*MILER Support to make changes to their account.


Bug Fixes

Fixed a bug in Arrival/Departure where Depart at... or Arrive by... would automatically toggle to Depart now after the Use Traffic box was checked. (Defining a Departure or Arrival Date/Time is available for Premium only)