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In the legacy version of PC*MILER Web, you can set Route Options for an individual route or Default Options, which are applied to all new routes. These options include vehicle dimensions as well as custom routing preferences such as avoiding toll roads or obeying hazmat restrictions.

In the modern version of PC*MILER, Route Options have been replaced by Vehicle Routing Profiles. The settings are mostly the same, but Vehicle Routing Profiles are:

  • Created and saved in advance, similar to Default Options.  PC*MILER includes a selection of default profiles based on the most common commercial vehicle types on the road. You can also use these default profiles as a basis to create your own custom profiles.
  • Selected for each individual route. The routing profiles drop-down menu (below) includes all of your custom profiles as well as the PC*MILER default profiles.

How to convert Route Options to a Vehicle Routing Profile

When you save a route in the legacy version of PC*MILER Web, it also saves that route's Route Options. When you open a saved route from the legacy version in the modern version, you need to convert those Route Options to a Vehicle Routing Profile.

Step 1

When you open a previously saved route, PC*MILER warns you that you need to create a new profile or use the Default Rating profile. The default profile matches the system default Route Options from the legacy PC*MILER Web. 

Step 2

When you select Create Vehicle Routing Profile, you are prompted to name and save the new profile. All of your route options are transferred to the new profile. 

Step 3

The saved route opens with the new profile displayed in the route card. That profile becomes a part of your collection of Custom Profiles. It can then be selected from the drop-down for any future routes.

Differences between Route Options and a Vehicle Routing Profile

The most significant difference is Route Modifiers have been moved to the map window from route options in the modern version of PC*MILER Web. 


Route modifiers are roads you want PC*MILER to avoid, favor, or close when it generates a route. Modifiers are created in the ContentTools web tool. 

Click the route modifiers icon on the map to display your available sets of modifiers. Use the slider bar to toggle whether or not those modifiers are displayed on the map and used when PC*MILER generates a route. This feature is often used to see how newly added Route Modifiers affect a route.

Other differences between Route Options and Vehicle Routing Profiles include: